Instruction/Lesson Prices

The Four Learning Modes & Why Video Analysis

Players learn using four different modes; Visual, Audio, Reading and Feeling.  Video analysis is one of the most powerful learning tools available because it uses all four of these modes to instruct players.  The swing guru video analysis program allows us to use all the latest drawing tools to highlight movements, slow motion analysis, split screen, overlays and many other visual aids to help the "visual" learners.  Text on screen is used for the "literal or reading" learners as well as audio voiceovers to describe what a drill or action should feel like for the "audio" learners as well as the"feel" learners.  Video analysis are up to 10 minutes of high quality video of your swing to make sure you know what is causing the output, good or bad. Many lessons will have a video review sent to a student's video locker.

Hittinguru 3D video analysis: add $30 to the lesson

Team pricing also available.

Standard Lesson Pricing When At My Home:

            Individual $65/hr

            Semi-Private $50/hr per player  

            3 players $40/hr per player  

            4 players  $35/hr per player

When at Pure Performance or Competitive Edge it will be their standard instructor rate.




OR CALL 703-298-8706


Team Pricing, On-site Training and Analysis is also available.  

Remote Video Analysis - $30                                                                           

Send me a clip or a link to view your video footage and I will provide detailed analysis including a follow-up phone call.