Hitting-Pitching-Throwing-Fielding-Mental Training

I believe that in order for a player to get better, she or he has to be willing to contribute to their own improvement. I will supply the expertise but only in hopes of teaching students what I know and how to use it themselves. The reason this is so crucial to a player's improvement and development, when the athlete is needing to perform a skill successfully or make an immediate correction - I most likely will not there to tell that player what to do! The better that players are at knowing what changes they need to make and knowing how to make them, the more successful they'll be in competition. And, isn't that why players want instruction to begin with----to ultimately perform better in games!   

I'm  Motor Preference Experts and Volodalen Certified and a S2 Cognition mobile lab.  All to super charge a players training and development.

                                                                                                                                                             Motor Preference Experts