I am both a friend and a fan of Suzy. She spent, literally, hundreds of hours studying with us, even before we began the pitching certification program. When Suzy does something, she does it right. It took a long time to convince her to step into pitching, but we knew she would do a fantastic job. She has easily exceeded those expectations. She is, simply, a great instructor.

    Denny Tincher, Fluid Dynamics/Father of Angela Tincher


 Hi Suzy,

My name s Joe. My daughter plays for the Atlanta Vipers 10U fastpitch softball team. I saw your videos tonight while researching "dropping the hands".....I am looking for all the help possible to get her to the next level. I liked the way you approached the art of hitting in your videos and that is the reason for me contacting you. Do you offer online video instruction or DVD's that will help me teach my daughter how to over come this flaw in her swing?I look forward to hearing back from you.

Thanks again,Joe

Hey Suzy,Thanks again for talking to me! Here is the original .mov clip of my daughter. I have a whole lot more , lol, if you need them. I really appreciate you helping.

Joe C.


Suzy, Thank you! I came across your video series on monkeysee today looking for some throwing pointers for my 9 year old daughter. We've watched every video together and have picked up many great tips. She's new to the game this year and is actually 10-10 in her last two games. She has a great swing and is having a great time. Thanks again!

Take care,


Tualatin, OR



I found your website and find it to be great. I am a coach of 9 and 10 year olds in West Des Moines, and you certainly help me to coach fundementals. I was wondering if you do any sort of one on one work with girls if I happened to be in Florida with my daughter. She is 9, left handed and starting to pitch. She still struggles throwing a little, it does not look real natural or fluid, maybe we will get there, but I thought maybe a hour with you could get her in the right direction. We typically head to Florida severl times a year. I am not sure exactly where you are located, but again, we certainly could get to you if you were interested in helping.


Mike B.


Hi Suzy,

I was just watching your videos on monkeysee, and wanted to say thanks!I've coached in the boys programs, and was hoping for some videos to help me coach the skills for softball - I'm coaching my daughters 9/10 yr. old team now. When I came across your videos and starting watching them, I had a great sigh of relief - it's exactly what I needed. Thanks for doing them, and posting them online.

Best regards,

Jude S.



I just watched your videos on Monkeysee.com. How can I get copies on DVD ? I would like to copy and give to each girl on our 11 and 12 year old team. Is this possible? Let me know..............


D. J.


PS. You did a great job on the videos also.



I didn't get to thank you yesterday. Yours was by far the best coaching clinic I've ever attended. I look forward to receiving more information from you. Your offer of attending a practice is far too generous, though I know you would charge up the girls so very effectively.Thanks again for your commitment to the sport.

Vini V.



Just a note to say thank you for today's softball clinic.I don't have a lack of confidence when I coach, but I am still always looking for new insights; new ways of helping the girls learn; different approaches to the fundamentals; and good explanations for why we do things certain ways. And so I found your session today to be very helpful. Thank you for putting it together and for your outstanding instruction.

Bob J.


Suzy - thank you too! Your enthusiasm is infectious, and coming into the clinic, I was planning to assist on VGSL U10 team, but... after the clinic I called the commissioner who was short on coaches - and now will have my own team!!If your offer to help a neophyte coach out for a practice is still avail, I sure would like you to come on out for one! Wish me luck!

George B.



Your coach/parent softball clinic was very informative and fun. The energy you put in to it helped your message come through loud and clear. Your love and passion for the game was clearly evident in your presentation. Do you have an extra bottle of Suzy's energy/passion drink? My daughter and her team could use some. The girls have got to want it. Any other suggestions to help keep them focused on there development would be appreciated. Your on my resource list.

Thanks, Steven S.